About Our Program

Program Overview

Desert Lily Academy (DLA) provides female-specific programming in a normalized, trauma-informed setting that promotes learning, growth and positive change. Located on The Village at Canyon State campus, Desert Lily offers an eclectic blend of academic, vocational, and extracurricular opportunities.

Through innovative program elements and a model designed to address the unique needs of our young women, Desert Lily helps youth build bright and meaningful futures for themselves and their community.

Treatment & Trauma-Informed Care

Our treatment approach begins with a foundation of safety and caring relationships and always focuses on the specific needs of each individual young woman.

DLA helps youth identify the trauma-related needs behind their disruptive behaviors and develop the coping skills they need to overcome their pasts.

Services include a variety of evidence-based curricula as well as female-specific groups that address each young woman’s treatment goals, and help her understand her feelings, emotions and strengths. Through targeted interventions and an individualized treatment plan, our youth learn to believe in who they are and develop a plan for who they want to become.

Family Engagement

DLA strongly encourages family involvement, holding the belief that positive communication between the program and the home creates the foundation upon which our young women grow and succeed.

Families are invited to engage with their daughters and the program by taking part in treatment planning, family conferences, on-campus events, athletic competitions as well as individual and group family therapy.

Education Services

DLA provides students with accredited year-round, quality education tailored to meet the specific needs of the young women in our program. Small classrooms and highly-qualified staff provide rigorous instruction that promotes a culture of academic growth and achievement.

Classrooms are organized to foster a culture of empowerment that promotes female strength and intelligence. Walls are decorated with motivational posters and messages that remind each young woman how unique, intelligent and valuable she is.

Our education team works in collaboration with students, families and home school districts to provide an academic experience that meets all of their unique and varying needs.

Extracurricular Opportunities

At DLA, we believe that learning should extend beyond the classroom. Through our extracurricular programming, youth are offered new avenues for learning and growth.

Opportunities to participate in sanctioned high school and club sports such as track and swimming provide positive competition and pro-social interactions between students, their peers and staff. On-campus clubs offer a chance for our young women to explore areas of interest, and learn about history, literature, music and art in an engaging setting.

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